About Us

Who We Are

Advansys Inc ., is a global IT services company that provides high-quality Software engineering, Technology consulting and Outsourcing services to its clients. Incorporated in the year 1998 by a group of highly skilled and dedicated business and technology experts, Advansys is head quartered in Herndon, VA.

The company's core competencies in the areas of Technology, Business and Management, our core values, our impeccable track record for empowering business with Innovation and Technology and our commitment to our customer's success has driven our presence across various industries like Financial Services, Insurance, Health Care, Logistics, Communications and Media & Internet in the past decade.

What We Do

Advansys has rich blend of Technology, Business and Management Consultants with rich industry experience in the areas Project management, Delivery and implementation of Business models. We help our clients accomplish their business objectives by providing the comprehensive strategy, assessment, procurement, implementation, integration, and support services that help them derive maximum value from their operations.

Our success lies in the deployment of right blend of Business and technology consultants on an assignment. Business consultants clearly understand the business, they analyze the gaps and future needs of the client to survive competition. Our technology and our business teams work in tandem to orchestrate the right solution for our clients within cost and time. We breathe, live and walk the path of empowering Business with Innovation and Technology. Our path helps our clients to be pioneers in the industry.

We have proven track record with fortune 1000 companies for our services in the areas of:

  • Consulting Services
  • Application Development
  • Application Management
  • Project Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Content Management
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Business Intelligence
  • Risk Management
  • Middleware Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • System Integration

What Makes Us Different

At Advansys we understand our client's business. We thoroughly study our client business operations, do the gap analysis and help them prioritize their needs. We strongly believe in and demonstrate the advantages of Innovation and Technology. These advantages drive our Clients to emerge as the champions in the Industry. We are always committed for our client's success, as our success in measured in terms of their success.

Why Advansys

At Advansys we operate by our core values, leverage our strengths, driven by our motto and we believe in our mantra.

Our Core Values that keep us moving forward are

  • Integrity in our dealings;
  • Excellence in service;
  • Respect for all we serve and our fellow employees.
  • Continuous improvement in our work
  • Belief in team work.

Our Strengths that put us above the competition are

  • Business domain expertise
  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Result Oriented
  • Proven success
  • Proven Performance.
  • Award winning quality.
  • Retention of clientele

Our Motto that has established our presence across various industries is "Our success lies in our client's success"

The mantra that we believe in is "Empowering Business with Innovation and Technology".

We collaborate with our clients, being open to all ideas, consistently helping them achieve their business and company initiatives, sharing our client's passion for their business by taking time to understand the challenges and opportunities involved.

Innovate with our clients to provide creative solutions to meet their unique challenges strengthen partnerships and retain customers.

Excel with our clients to consistently create value, by providing solutions to achieve fineness and sustainable competitive edge.

Our values, strengths and our delivery model have always made us the number one choice for fortune 1000 companies.

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