Business Process Modeling

Business is constantly looking out for various ways and innovative means to improve performance, achieve its business goals and to react to ever changing market demands. The conventional system's process control is not capable of governing highly variable change requests in a situation-specific and purposeful manner that is, adapted to change request content and project context. Without standardized processes, controls, Organizations are in risk of trailing behind competition, a loss in market share and decreased savings .

Business Process Modeling (BPM) is the activity of representing processes of an enterprise, so that the current process may be analyzed and improved in future. It is a structured, coherent and consistent way of understanding, documenting, Modeling, analyzing, simulating, executing and continuously changing end-to-end business processes and all involved resources in light of their contribution to business improvement.

Advansys, through its dedicated BPM Center of Excellence (CoE), brings together the right mix of functional expertise, best practices, frameworks, methodologies, and product expertise to provide end-to-end BPM services and solutions to its customers. Advansys has pioneered in partnering with its customers to develop a well-defined BPM strategy & roadmap that is in alignment with core business objectives.

We understand that delivering superior results requires excellent knowledge of cutting edge technologies, processes and functions all the time. Our BPM CoE operates on a unique model, to continuously research areas relevant to the BPM practice. Our methodologies are based on a sound understanding of an organization's Business Process Management needs, maturity and their readiness for BPM adoption. We have collaborative teams to bring in a good mix of domain, process and technical knowledge and ensure seamless implementations. Our thought leadership and consulting capabilities ensure innovative approaches to drive BPM adoption in myriad organizational landscapes.

Some of the major problems faced by the organizations across the globe because of non-existence of standardized business process management are:

  • Lack of Data Consistency - Users have to capture the same information at several process steps, because of the isolation of the existing applications there is a lack of Data Consistency between the process steps
  • Decentralized Documentation - The absence of a Centralized documentation base and a collaborative workspace disables users to share the knowledge across the enterprise and potential re-usability of assets, tools and frameworks is lost
  • No single repository for various teams to model, access and analyze the processes, procedures, SOPs, control points

Advansys understands and realize that Business Process Management (BPM) is becoming an increasingly relevant option for the strategic and operational part of the business as it controls process lifecycles with support for process modeling, execution, monitoring and optimization.

Advansys will leverage BPM to develop a flexible platform that provides automation, visibility, audit ability and the ability to quickly respond to changes due to external market conditions; thus reducing the speed to market, increasing process efficiency and generating cost savings.

Business Process Management Solution Approach


An organization is an intricate system of inter-connected processes. Our business analysts work with the process owners during the process discovery phase to identify the relevant processes and their integration needs, process hierarchies and other process attributes. The understanding of the process topology thus obtained will provide the necessary information to go ahead with the modeling phase.

Business Process Modeling:

The modeling phase imparts the visual rendition to the process discovery phase. Advansys business analysts and process consultants working with the customers to model business processes that span internal and external users and applications within the organization enables a clear definition of the business process, including the critical touch points across people and disparate application silos and associated business rules. The modeling phase also includes running simulations to identify process bottle-necks, analyze cycle-time in a probabilistic way.


Equipped with the process blueprint and the primary business rules, our BPM specialists transform the blueprint into an execution model using the appropriate BPM technology / components. This involves process abstraction from the underlying applications into the process management layer and decoupling the process-centric rules into the rules-engine of the BPM tools. This is a carefully thought of decision to determine what stays within the application and what encompasses the process to deliver a single-user experience and optimal business process execution.


When a BPM solution has been deployed the end-users begin using the new process and participate in it as per the process definition to perform reviews, approvals and execute the tasks assigned to them. All the processes are uniformly monitored using dashboards and reports for any exceptions or bottlenecks encountered, or any discrepancies with the defined activities. These analytics could feed further process changes.

BPM Suite Implementation:

BPM implementations call for different approaches, roles and expertise when compared to traditional application development. Advansys service delivery platform consists of leading BPM players like:

  • Tibco
  • IBM WebSphere
  • FileNet

Our BPM suite implementation offering includes:

  • Plan and schedule BPM Implementation
  • Conduct process discovery and optimization workshops
  • Document process specifications, requirements, rules, and KPIs
  • Create user interfaces for human steps and integration for system steps as required
  • Automate the business processes, KPIs and rules
  • Create dashboards and customize the workflow portal.

Our consulting experts in business process management and business activity monitoring can help you:

  • Analyze your existing business rules and processes.
  • Identify areas needing optimization.
  • Create and simulate different modeling scenarios.
  • Automate processes that were performed manually.
  • Implement a workflow that ties together human tasks and automation.
  • Monitor real-time to address potential problems and bottlenecks.
  • Determine if additional changes are needed to the business process.

We also facilitate a grounds-up or an accelerated BPM platform development through our in-house developed frameworks and accelerators. This provides a faster time to market and lower development costs for our customers. For customers with existing BPM implementations, we provide managed services around process support, BPM infrastructure maintenance and support in critical production environment with minimum downtime.

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