Today's decentralized supply chain models and tighter trading partner collaborations demand expanded logistics capabilities— more stocking locations, more frequent ordering, smaller order sizes, more costly modes of transportation, multichannel distribution capabilities, the ability to configure to order, personalization and distributed responsibility. With the availability of improved visibility and fulfillment tools, the logistics function has become a key component of supply chain operations, helping to combat inefficiencies in warehouse labor, transportation and space utilization; and inaccuracies in inventories and customer shipments. Organizations now spend an average of 8–12 percent of sales on logistics, and this trend is increasing.

Advansys provides flexible, reliable and efficient suite of consulting, IT, infrastructure, business process outsourcing, engineering and industrial services and enterprise solution services to help logistics companies build the capabilities required to address key challenges, improve process efficiencies, lower their total cost of ownership of IT and infrastructure, and improve quality in IT delivery. For transportation and logistics companies, today's business obstacles are more daunting than ever before, with fluctuating fuel costs, an expanding base of regional suppliers, global environmental concerns and compliance with regulatory mandates. It adds up to a dynamic business landscape, where Logistic companies have little control over costs and margins. We has a proven track record of helping organizations in streamlining operations and improve business performance. We work closely with you to understand your business needs, then apply relevant domain insights, best practices and solution accelerators to deliver tangible business results.

Implementing expanded yet cost effective strategies for supply chain logistics has become a mission critical objective. Advansys's Supply Chain Portfolio Objectives:

  • To enable and build a robust and successful supply chain strategy and solution to our valuable clients.
  • To provide for collaboration framework across your supply chain partners so as to react pro actively for any type of market change.
  • To enable your organization to move to the next level of supply chain excellence.
  • To provide cost effective implementation of the best of the breed technology solutions to realize your supply chain initiative.
  • Skilled and Experienced resources that understand best practices, future trends – to effectively reduce Time to Market. Inventory optimization integrated with global customer requirements

Advansys's Supply Chain Management Services—Logistics Services offers a full array of capabilities to address your challenges in the areas of cost reduction, return on assets and customer service. Our solutions encompass the design and implementation of strategy, process and technology elements to best meet your needs.

The supply chain practice can help your organization build a robust adaptive supply chain network where in partners can:

  • Plan and Execute- Partners can execute more accurate plans, use a single planning and execution data model and plan for capacity and execute for demand.
  • Sense and Respond- Partners can forge deep connections with customers and partners, develop a 360-degree view of the business and practice distributed control and exception management.
  • Learn and adapt- With comprehensive analytical capabilities, partners can rapidly change existing processes and can introduce new processes and products quickly.

Advansys's SCM solutions' core components include the following that can be deployed in modular manner:

  • Transportation Planning - Optimization Profile, Order Split, GIS Interface
  • Global Available-to-promise
  • Demand Planning - Interactive Planning, Life Cycle Planning, Forecasting
  • Supply Network Planning - Interactive Order Maintenance, Deployment and Transport Load building and Capable-to-match
  • Warehouse Management
  • Inbound Order Fulfillment
  • Service Parts Management

The key solution enablers from Advansys include the following:

  • Experienced resource pool with domain and process skills
  • Collaborative, best-in-class framework of people, processes and infrastructure that consistently ensures delivery excellence
  • Excellent Logistics domains and technologies, which help with the following:
    • Focusing on solution accelerators: Reusable assets, tools, best practices, methodologies and development of competency of our associates that help in providing our clients with new and effective solutions and aid in achieving high productivity and significant cost savings from investments
    • Leveraging our co-innovation network and client partnerships to address business challenges in the logistics value chain

In today's fast-paced marketplace, the ability to see and manage the interdependencies between upstream customers and downstream suppliers is a critical factor for every organization's success.Advansys is helping the industry leaders realize benefits from numerous high-performance endeavors in Travel and Logistics. We help enhance business competitiveness by providing customer-centric, cost-effective IT solutions and services. These solutions address the core business problems and provide competitive edge to global leaders of Travel and Transportation industry. To ensure continuous industry focus, we are aligned towards the Logistics sector to cater to the specific needs of each one of them.

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