Application Development

Companies operating in a dynamic business environment are incessantly caught in a vortex of ever-changing market pressures and customer needs. To stay competitive, businesses have to make their systems more responsive by investing in time and cost-effective applications that help them address functional gaps and achieve business goals. Besides packaged software, businesses also require custom-built solutions to accommodate specific business needs and operational requirements.

Application Development Services provides customers to address evolving market demand and technology challenges by defining, designing, developing, debugging and deploying applications to meet their business requirements. Advansys delivers high quality applications using 5D model based on the client needs and will tailor the process to meet business requirements. Advansys follows various Software development life cycle models such as Waterfall, Spiral, Iterative, Agile, SCRUM, etc., to deliver the quality products to customers.

With Advansys's Application Development approach, businesses can expand and improve their applications over time via small, discrete development projects. This approach allows for better scaling of application development. It also facilitates a gradual transition towards implementing Service-Oriented Architecture Advansys helps businesses continually expand and improve their applications via small-scale development projects. Our full lifecycle approach incorporates application development and support within a single contract.

Advansys is a value-added IT services partner for businesses looking beyond mere cost savings. With vast experience in servicing customers worldwide, Advansys's Application Development practice offers a suite of methodologies and frameworks which combined with its vast critical domain and technical expertise provides the best balance in terms of cost, agility, and quality for building applications that meet business requirements.

Our suite of Application Development service offerings include:

Consulting & Advisory Services

  • Process Assessments, Recommendations for Process Improvement and Tailoring
  • Guiding and Mentoring new development projects/programs using proven d Agile Practices
  • Portfolio Rationalization and Consolidation
  • User Experience / Usability Engineering for Application Development and Enhancements

Application Development Services

  • Custom Software Development
  • Multigenerational Product Development
  • Re-engineering for technology modernization
  • Product Development for regulated industries
  • Undertaking Program Management & Large Enhancements
  • Package Customization and Global Implementations.

Advansys ensures its clients the following benefits:

  • Improved productivity year-on-year with immediate and near-term cost saving benefits
  • Handling of unpredictable demand and managing capacity variations in application development using our variable build model
  • Faster speed-to-market
  • Greater cost savings via efficient and distributed service offerings and delivery models
  • Improved process efficiency and resource optimization
  • Faster development cycle with greater visibility into the development process.

Advansys's processes include building simplified models that document application features, and mapping business processes to application portfolios, ensuring high levels of business-application understanding. Benefits

  • Significant reduction of maintenance costs
  • Lowered risks and increased predictability
  • Timely release of programs and enhancements
  • Improved knowledge management with tool-based reverse engineering
  • Full portfolio optimization
  • Cost variability for cyclical businesses
  • Ongoing alignment with industry trends

Applications are designed, built and supported by our Accelerated Solutions Environments, Advanced Delivery Centers and Applications Management Service Centers, which form part of our global delivery network. In addition, we work closely with your in-house resources and third-party suppliers to ensure a unified program.Our Application Development Practice is well-supported by exclusive skills and expertise leveraged through Technology, Domain and Verification & Validation (Testing) Practices, ensuring efficient project delivery.

Advansys's expertise spans Microsoft Technologies, J2EE, Java, SAP, Mainframes, and several other platforms, databases, languages, software, and enterprise applications. Our approach, combined with the depth and specificity of our processes allows unparalleled levels of customization. We can truly adapt our solutions to your critical needs.

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