Quality Assurance

In developing products and services, quality assurance is any systematic process of checking to see whether a product or service being developed is meeting specified requirements. Many companies have a separate department devoted to quality assurance. A quality assurance system is said to increase customer confidence and a company's credibility, to improve work processes and efficiency, and to enable a company to better compete with others.

Starting from the requirements gathering stage (or any other stage of your current project), and continuing through the implementation and maintenance of your solution, Advansys will test every interim deliverable to ensure that it meets requirements and specifications for that phase.

The strategy of early and frequent testing optimizes costs and reduces a solution's time-to-market, although that may seem contradictory at first glance. However, the later code defects are discovered in the development life cycle, the higher the costs will be and the more time will be required to fix them.

By outsourcing the quality assurance function to Advansys with its constant improvement of business processes, deep expertise and focus on QA services, you get significant business value and cost benefits. Advansys's independent team will handle all your quality assurance tasks, including the development of a QA strategy, resource planning, team building and overall management, while you concentrate on your core activities.

QA strategy development and planning

Advansys attaches high value to a well-defined QA strategy, as it allows delivery of a cost-effective solution and tests the most important parts of the software at the right times. A good strategy eliminates the confusion of unorganized and frequent testing yet ensures that the most crucial parts of the application are not left out.

Well-timed planning is essential at all stages of the project and builds trust between the customer and the vendor. At the beginning of the project, estimates and accurate definition of plans (build planning, test types and order, efforts) are established. The test plan aligns with the QA strategy and contains the following information:

  • Testing methodologies and tools
  • Duration and objective of each phase
  • Test types
  • Number of features to be tested and test coverage
  • Efforts and human resources required
  • Other QA-related and auxiliary activities (test documentation creation, analysis, reports creation, etc.)

Alongside with the team and tools, processes at Advansys play an important role in delivering excellence to our customers. This is especially true for such areas as healthcare, banking and finance, automotive, embedded systems, etc., where the cost of fixing a single defect in the final product is very high. Product quality assurance, as a set of processes run by people with the help of sophisticated hardware and software, may itself produce errors (resulting from human mistakes, defects in tools used, etc.), affecting the quality of the final product.

Therefore, well-defined and controlled processes are essential for delivering guaranteed results to our customers for standardizing well-proven practices, and for minimizing the human factor (whenever possible).

Advansys also helps customers interested in the optimization of their internal QA processes by sharing our extensive experience. This option is available to our customers through our Software QA Consulting Services, which range from the improvement of existing QA processes with the help of our SQA Process Audit and Improvement service, to the establishment of QA processes and a team from scratch in your organization using the In-House Independent QA Team Setup service.

Advansys uses its rich expertise in improving QA processes to help customers increase the efficiency and results of their work. With over a decade of experience in setting up processes, in the organization of communication, and in adopting the right methodologies and tools, Advansys helps its clients by arranging cost-effective and optimized processes for their organizations.

SQA Process Audit and Improvement is ideal for optimizing your software quality assurance processes. Advansys's experts analyze your existing procedures (communication, testing, accountability and engagement models), their efficiency, and your strengths and weaknesses in regard to business/product objectives. It is also possible to set up processes from scratch. As a result, you get recommendations on effective process restructuring and improvement. You are also advised on the optimal way to implement these improvements, taking into consideration your specific situation and needs.

The process of quality assurance (and its consistency with the software development process) to a great extent defines the quality of the end product and can often affect timeframes, budget and the scope of delivered functionality. Advansys adjusts QA best practices to your industry, structure, personnel and individual features, to develop a strong internal testing competency that will allow you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

The Advansys expertise makes it possible to work on different levels and to offer a broad spectrum of services, from selecting testing tools for you to forming turnkey QA departments.

SQA Process Audit and Improvement Service from Advansys will suit those companies who bear responsibility for the ultimate results of the quality assurance process: software services development companies, product development companies, independent software vendors and companies that implement internal software solutions in their enterprises.


  • Implementation of recommendations, process supervision, parallel in-house QA team setup if required. This results in an immediately improved and optimized SQA process.
  • Supervision of the adopted process and evaluation of the implementation bottlenecks. All issues are resolved.
  • Repeat adaptation and improvement. You have stable and well-operating SQA processes.


At Advansys, consultants for SQA(Software Quality Assurance ) process audit and improvement usually apply the following roadmap.

Analysis of the situation and recommendation formulation:

  • Definition of the ultimate aim of the service, customer's business goals as well as strengths and weaknesses
  • Immersion in the customer's situation
  • General documentation of existing processes and description of the technological base
  • Recommendation formulation
  • Definition of the cost and scope of the work to be done, timeframes and responsibilities of each side

Adjustment or development of the quality assurance strategy:

  • Elaboration of criteria for the quality of developed products
  • Goal setting for quality assurance
  • Definition of optimal ways of achieving stated goals (testing plan, scope of tests, etc.)

Selecting right tools and technologies:

  • Test environment.
  • Bug tracking systems, task and requirements management systems, reporting systems
  • Testing tools (automation, specific test types)
  • Other tools (knowledge sharing, QA history management tools, etc.)

Development of processes (communication, interaction, accountability, documentation, etc.):

  • Implementation of processes (employee training or forming a test department/team)
  • Supervision, adjustment of the process to the changed market or project situation, analysis of results

The Advansys advantages:

  • Successful projects in process audit and improvement (read featured case studies)
  • Overall SQA experience based on over 200 successful projects:
    • for different domains
    • with different technologies and tools
    • according to different methodologies and processes
    • with different teams
    • for different companies
  • Positive results and references from our customers.
  • Professional team with wide and deep expertise. A dedicated consultant works on your project onsite.

Web application testing package

Being professional at approach, we know how to successfully overcome the specific challenges of web application testing and assemble a comprehensive testing mix for each application:

  • Functional testing. At Advansys we offer manual, semi-automated and automated functional testing services to ensure that both frontend and backend components of your application work properly and as initially designed.
  • GUI testing combined with cross-browser testing are aimed at eliminating web application layout defects. Our seasoned testers will check your web application for compatibility with Chrome, Opera, IE, Firefox and other browsers to ensure its flawless behavior regardless of the browser type or version.
  • Usability testing efficiently supplements GUI tests. It is aimed at revealing usability defects and inconsistencies that might confuse users. We make sure that your web application is user-friendly and its navigation is simple and intuitive.
  • Load/stress testing aims to allow your web application to sustain greater loads and stress conditions. We reveal bottlenecks and breaking points in your web application, assess current and planned data and user loads and tune the software and hardware components.

The suite of Advansys testing services is complemented by defect validation service and regression testing. At this stage we verify that all detected bugs were fixed, no new bugs appeared and that application modules and components interact seamlessly.

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