Content Management

Content Management Systems (CMS) are frequently used for storing, controlling, versioning, and publishing content and documentation such as news articles, operator manuals, technical manuals, sales guides and marketing brochures to a web based application.

Good content is essential, but good technology is just as important. Because technology is what turns content into valuable, useful assets. Many companies possess lots of great information, but they may not even know that they have it, or may not know where to find it. Or companies may have invested significantly in securing or creating images, artwork or other media. But if these assets aren't organized and structured, they can't be repurposed or reused. And if content isn't formatted for delivery to devices beyond the website where it's needed, opportunities will be lost.

We help our customers realize operational efficiency gains, increased revenue, and improved customer loyalty through a combination of software and services.Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services enable a collaborative and integrated approach to the creation, capture, organization, access and use of knowledge assets of an enterprise.

Client Challenges

  • Infrastructure and services optimization
  • Risk and compliance addressal
  • High volumes of structured and unstructured information across disparate platforms and technologies
  • Knowledge retention and human capital management

At Advansys we believe as time goes on, your web site needs to become more of an application than just a web page server. What this means is that your site needs to be more engaging, it needs to be more interactive, it needs to be more findable .

There are several departments in your organization that all have their own unique interests in your Web site. The software that supports your web site needs to be easy-to-use and easily adoptable by all of your departments. But most importantly, it all needs to be managed from a single application with a single security model.

Organizations have created a huge volume of unstructured content over the years, which include documents, e-mail messages, videos, instant messages, Web pages, and more. It has become a great challenge for the organizations to manage and consolidate this and use these valuable assets for better knowledge sharing, improved customer communications, and increased process efficiency.

Today, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a key component of an organization's infrastructure in order to overcome these challenges. They gain accurate data for better, and quicker, business decisions. Being able to manage your unstructured data gives your employees greater access to information and enhances your business process management initiatives. And our certified consultants combine their experience with business process management to help you develop an ECM/ECM-BPM solution to meet your business needs.

  • Content management solutions which include document management gives you control over your unstructured content with:
  • Centralized access to multiple repositories
  • Enterprise search across repositories
  • Common metadata model for categorizing content
  • Document versioning
  • Lifecycle management specifying publication, expiration and retention of content
  • Automated content publishing to a variety of formats, including HTML and PDF

Implementing a Business Process Manager solution can manage the flow of work and content by automating and optimizing business processes and offers:

  • Standards-based process modeling environment
  • Standards-based process design tool
  • Process simulation
  • Process tracking and analysis
  • Web 2.0 mashups and pre-built widgets
  • Support for electronic forms
  • Business process framework for rapid development and deployment of case-based applications

Advansys has rich experience in developing portals and offering effective content management services. We have expertise in the latest technologies and deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our customers. Our content management services portfolio comprises:

  • Development, Re-engineering of Internet front-ends
  • Implementation of eBusiness Application Frameworks
  • Integration solutions:
    • Across enterprises
    • Of Web front-ends to enterprise applications
    • Building and Integrating Enterprise Information Portals:
      • Content Management Services
      • Personalization
    • Verification and Validation (V&V) services
    • Website and Application Maintenance.

Business Benefits

  • Optimize TCO of online media properties
  • Extensibility for long tail revenues processes
  • Enhanced consumer experience & spending propensity

We have executed projects at varying levels of complexities in functional e-business applications like storefronts, extranet and intranet sales portals; private e-procurement exchanges, e-marketplaces; corporate information portals for knowledge management portals, collaboration, and messaging; integration with back-end applications, web enabling legacy applications, ERPs; and web & enterprise content management services.

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