Financial Services

The Global financial market is undergoing fluctuations that force financial institutions to become proactive and use technology as a key enabler. They are fast changing their delivery channels and using a whole new arena of solutions which helps them remain competitive. Even as the demand for financial services increases, customer expectations are on raise. The demand is for high-performing, fault-tolerant, reliable and scalable systems that are easy to integrate at low risk with reduced costs.

Financial services companies compete in a market where the competition is intense and the customer expectations are constantly going up. We partner with financial services companies to offer solutions that deliver sustainable value and transform the way companies conduct business.

Advansys helps financial institutions stay ahead in a constantly evolving market. Advansys has the ability to support your organization's requirements to both new and existing challenges through our expertise. Advansys offers online spectrum maintenance of legacy applications, migration to browser-based platforms and integration of applications across different layers, workflow-management applications, document-management systems, Web-channel development or CRM and business intelligence initiatives.

Advansys helps you stay ahead of the curve with our scalable business model, extensive industry expertise, and process and technical proficiency in:

  • Trading & Order Management
  • Asset Administration
  • Securities & Reference Data Services
  • Quality & Testing including accelerators to speed testing for protocols, trading applications and order management systems
  • Exchanges & Executions
  • Investment Banking
  • Application Management Outsourcing for Capital Markets

Our capital market consultants and specialists thoroughly understand your industry and are experienced in:

  • Order management
  • Exchange venue connectivity
  • Prime brokerage
  • Asset management systems
  • Proprietary trading and market making
  • IMarket data and symbology
  • Risk management

Capital Markets and Investment Banking

At Advansys, we understand all dimensions of the trading & sale of both standard and structured capital-market products. With a numerous factors affecting capital markets and investment banks, we help customers use the right technology to emerge successfully in their IT investments. Document management systems, Transactional and reporting systems and Workflow management from us will become your critical differentiator. Our understanding of cash management, interest rates, commodity & structured credit products, currency, equity derivatives, equity brokerage makes us the ideal partner for your organization. Our technology solutions will address your key business priorities.

Investment Management

Dipping interest rates, fluctuations in equities and stringent regulatory norms have created a highly demanding environment for Investment management firms. Identifying key drivers of value and risk in their portfolio is the key to remaining competitive in such a scenario.

By leveraging our technology expertise Advansys helps investment management firms sell the right funds, at the right time, to the right customers and through the right channel partners. We can help investment managers drive Company growth and profitability and service their market better.

One section that is poised for a major boom is the insurance sector. The global insurance industry today stands at a point of inflection. Advansys offers services to enable your insurance business realize the competitive advantage it deserves.

Our Asset & Wealth Management practice provides a full spectrum of application development, maintenance, business process outsourcing and consulting services.

Advansys provide the winning edge to our financial services clients by deploying our transformational legacy modernization, analytics and testing capabilities for extracting fuller value from IT spend. We bring to them an inherent understanding of the business processes, business issues and technology issues that shape the banking and financial services landscape.

We help our clients stay at the forefront of technological advancements through the adoption of emerging technologies like Service Oriented Architecture and Business Process Management. Our emphasis on enhancing STP rates includes recommendations on application re-engineering and application integration of cross-platform systems to achieve seamless interoperability between the front office and back-office. Our approach towards optimizing operational efficiencies is promoted through robust architecture and development methodologies, automated, high-coverage testing and proactive support for regulatory compliance.

Advansys provides customized market sizing and analysis based on the models used to develop the Report to help firms in a broad range of industries from wealth management to luxury automobiles understand the needs of Finances.

We leverage our International Market Sizing Model to collaborate with your firm to address new market entry analysis and market growth strategies for current or expanding footprints. The scope and structure of our market sizing engagements are customizable to accommodate your strategic requirement. In a challenging global market, there is no better time for leading firms to address new internal and external priorities in order to stay ahead of the competition.

We will help you identify and realize goals, which may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Optimized investments
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies
  • Minimized risk
  • Sustained cost leadership

Advansys is ideally positioned to drive real end-to-end business impact. Cost and transactional efficiency matter, but only as a means of achieving greater effectiveness in pursuing our clients' strategic ends. We offer clients the ability to radically improve their decision making, both locally and globally. Advansys's' quality management and testing services utilize its many years of banking and finance experience across the globe to support clients who view technology as a business enabler and see the importance of getting implementation right first time.Integration of large, widely distributed systems is more and more complex and our services are designed to identify and manage these effectively, hence delivering result-oriented and cost-effective services.

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