System Integration

System Integration is all about reducing complexity and cost, enabling a high performance workforce, and optimizing the IT infrastructure.System integration is the successful putting together of the various components, assemblies, and subsystems of a system and having them work together to perform what the system was intended to do.

Complex technologies and changing business environments are among the main challenges faced by organizations on the path to growth. Taking these elements into account, companies need to integrate the latest technology components that can seamlessly align with your business and drive organizational efficiency. Understanding the complexities of the IT environment we extend our system integration expertise to ensure that the technology is in line with your business objectives no matter the size and nature of your organization.

Advansys system integration services include consultancy, system integration and project management of IT services that provide:

Data centers , Disaster recovery services,Enterprise management,Network integration Platform integration,Retail automation and Security infrastructure

Advansys's implementations have been recognized by external parties for the business value they deliver to customers and the on-time, on-budget delivery of these projects globally. We leverage industry best practices, accelerators, templates, and a global delivery to ensure that implementations are delivered at the lowest total cost of ownership. Business consulting is a key part of all these projects. We help customers improve their business processes, identify to-be processes, map their business requirements to the functionality available in the various ERP packages, and help with final package selection.

Our System Integration Solutions include:

  • SOA: A Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the next-generation infrastructure designed for integrating and re-using your existing assets, and re-engineering your existing business processes. Within an enterprise service-oriented architecture, applications, information and other IT assets are viewed as services .Our SOA services help organizations integrate multiple enterprise applications-including ERP, SCM, CRM, HR and Finance applications.
  • Business Process Management :Our BPM methodology is a set of tooling, execution plan, and a systematic approach for the right solution which guarantees a great return on your investment - all complemented with an experienced team that will make your BPM journey a great experience. Together with your IT and business teams we will design, simulate, optimize and deploy business processes.
  • Portal Solutions: A Portal provides you with a single point of interaction for applications and content, a customized and personalized view based on role, single sign-on to all of those applications, collaborative capabilities and automation of your workflow, the sharing of content and documents, and self-service capabilities for your customers. Our Portal Services include Enterprise Portals ,Platform / Tool Evaluation, Migration & Upgrade ,Consolidation & Optimization and Usability and User Interface .
  • Application Monitoring & Management : We have a strong knowledge base and outstanding track record in helping organizations effectively build and maintain key business applications, as well as easily adapt to future standards.We can help you monitor and manage your J2EE, SOA and Portal applications by providing the following services: Application Monitoring ,Application Health Assessments ,Standards Compliance and Deployment Readiness

Information Management Services : IMS can help you leverage one of your organization's key assets information and make that information available to your employees, partners and customers. Whether you need better customer information for sales tactics, adherence to audit and regulatory requirements, combined product information to control costs or other information-related objectives, we can implement the necessary tools to provide Information on Demand and build flexibility and agility into your business.

For customers who manage heterogeneous IT environments, Advansys delivers system integration three ways:

Products: Providing innovative features and technologies such as unified management consoles, operations management packs, product connectors, extensibility tools, virtualization technologies, and native support for XML.

Community: Working together with customers, partners, and competitors to develop integrated IT solutions that meet customers' shared interoperability needs, encourage technology innovation, and promote competition in the IT industry.

Standards: Supporting industry and technical standards for information and management systems and actively participating with leading standards-setting organizations to promote technology adoption.

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