A marketplace that continues to change at a breakneck pace, combined with a complex mix of consumer products and services—that's today's communications business. Whether you're a cable, satellite, wireless, converged service or equipment provider, you need a strategy to meet unique multi-dimensional challenges and to compete in today's global economy.

We at Advansys have leveraged our experience in this segment to help achieve your business objectives. We not only understand the network technology but also have deep rooted competence on driving IT transformation and operational efficiencies. On the technology side, Advansys has the unique distinction of being unilaterally strong on the Network, Devices, IT and Service Platform.

The Communication industry has gone through a revolution. On one side there are traditional pressures on reducing "Cost to Serve" while on the other hand, there is a great emphasis on revenue and growth. Emphasis of Communication Service Providers have changed from technology infrastructure to innovative value added services and attractive business models.

At Advansys, we believe you shouldn't have to compromise by choosing either a strategic partner or a cost-effective outsourcing provider. We understand the business and technology evolution that's underway in the communications field. And we stand at the leading edge of business and IT solutions—from VoIP and fixed-mobile convergence, to business process management (BPM) and beyond.

The need for business transformation for communication service providers has never been greater than before. With a rapidly changing business landscape in communication services, it is necessary for service providers today to establish their brand as the best in the market and at the same time transform their systems to support and launch new services continuously across multiple channels of communication. Advansys is unique in the industry with a telecommunications consulting practice offering advisory services and demonstrating thought leadership based on extensive practical experience. With its emphasis on deep domain knowledge , technology expertise and a proven global delivery model, Advansys is able to manage and deliver on industry metrics towards our telecom clients' success.

Today, service providers are facing unprecedented challenges to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs with increasing industry consolidation, technology convergence and increasing competition.In this competitive landscape, Advansys is helping communication providers gain new agility in responding to change, with a communication practice that blends industry knowledge, targeted services, technology and functional expertise with a proven global delivery model.

How Advansys's Telecommunications Services Can Help You

  • Accelerate business and IT transformation by leveraging our comprehensive industry understanding and translating it into operational, and technology implementations
  • Improve customer retention with initiatives such as product bundling, multi-channel customer experience management, converged billing, customer portals and mobility solutions
  • Achieve higher operational efficiencies through SLA-driven programs and effective governance structures
  • Benefit from our multiple telecom consulting services that can scale from concept to revenue - and span across IT consulting, architecture design, program management, systems integration, independent testing, managed services, production support and operations.
  • Rapidly launch new telecom services that involve an ecosystem of suppliers; manage resultant complexity in systems integration for activation, provisioning, order management and other customer impacting functions.

Advansys recognizes the challenges that equipment providers in the telecommunications industry face when trying to accelerate new design and development, while constantly re-engineering and sustaining legacy products. We understand the impact of hardware commoditization, technology convergence, and globalization of resources, suppliers, and customers on this industry. Equipment manufacturers coping with increasingly demanding customers need to be positioned as end-to-end solution providers, not simply box-vendors. Alliances are the order of the day, and unified voice, video, and data communication solutions must reach the market quickly.

As the industry moves towards complete packet-based IP networks and multi-play services over a converged infrastructure, Advansys's understanding of the technology landscape, coupled with our experience, can help equipment and technology providers meet end-customer needs quickly, and increase core engineering productivity.

Advansys provides a convergent view across the Tele-Media value chain and can act as consultant, vendor and a strategic partner to

  • transform IT architecture and IT operations
  • manage, transform and optimize the business operations
  • develop and deploy next-generation Value Added Service
  • understand and address challenges brought about by convergence and rapid innovation
  • adopt new technologies as a Communications Service Provider (CSP) and support next generation communication

We have always been at the forefront in providing innovative solutions for the Communications industry. As an IT service provider, Advansys with a strong base in Telecommunications services is driven by innovation and thought leadership. With our proven, comprehensive suite of solutions for in the critical areas of consulting, technology and outsourcing, advanced development methodologies and cost-effective delivery locations, we partner with Communication providers to maximize assets, unleash growth, and transform to succeed.

Advansys partners with leading Telecommunications players to provide IT services to provide tangible business benefits, such as:

  • Convergent billing - Build and integrate innovative e-billing solutions into core business processes
  • Operational efficiencies - Develop cutting-edge OSS/BSS solutions to reduce operational and capital expense
  • Self-service solutions - Create innovative solutions to acquire, retain and grow loyal customers
  • Rationalization - Consolidate and harvest existing systems and assets while modernizing the infrastructure
  • Reduced cycle times - Identify and create solutions to reduce key business process cycle times including order-to-cash, concept-to-market and problem-to-resolution

Our delivery solution emphasizes local accountability and a flexible mix of global resources. The result is more-practical and actionable recommendations and the right-sized services that tightly align to your needs.

With the opportunities made possible by our Application Services, Infrastructure Services, and Business Process Outsourcing services to extract the greatest value from your investments, you can free up resources to focus on strategic, high-value projects and competitive advantage.

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